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Founded in 1998, Cachet Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a state-owned stock company. Cachet’s largest shareholder, China Youth Industrial Development Corporation, is directly under the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. On August 18, 2010, Cachet went public on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock name: Cachet; stock code: 002462).
Main businesses of Cachet include: medicine supply to hospitals, wholesaling of biological products, medical instruments and traditional Chinese medicines; pharmaceutical logistics, and retail pharmacy chain. Organizational Structure of Cachet Pharmaceutical Stock Corporation Ltd.
Stock holders meeting, Board Meeting, Supervisory Board, General Manager
Administrative Departments:Administrative Office, Securities Department, Financial Department, Human Resources Department, Audit Department, Information Center, Quality Control Department
Business Department:Hospital Sales Department, Community Sales Department, Imported Medicine Department, Imported Medical Equipment, Retail Pharmaceutical Department, Logistics Department

Core Business
In November 2006, Cachet won the bid for the community medicine wholesaling contract in Beijing and became the distributor for 235 community clinics in Haidian, Shijingshan and Mentougou districts.
In 2009, Cachet was selected by the Beijing Municipal Government to be among the top 10 medical distributors for local hospitals.
In 2010, Cachet won the bid for the wholesaling of 7,472 kinds of medicines in Beijing as the second largest local medicine dealer.
Cachet’s sales network reaches 90 percent of medical instituions in Beijing. The company also has good partership with major domestic medicine and medical instrument producers and some foreign counterparts.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Center
Cachet’s pharmaceutical logistics center is one of the three modern logistics and third-party distributing organizations approved by the Beijing Drug Administration. The total storage area is 41,000 m2 with an annual storage and distribution capacity of goods valued at 10 billion yuan. The center uses the equipement and logistics information system imported from Japan to become the largest and the most professional medical logistics center in North China.
Pharmacy Chain Network
Cachet owns 150 chain stores in Beijing, selling medicines, health care food, medical instruments, cosmetics, daily necessities and traditional Chinese medicines. With a complete network, good reputation, and a special management system, Cachet has taken a leading role in the pharmacy industry.
Contact Us
Address:  Cachet Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Building 1, NO.11 Kun Ming Hu South Road Handian District, Beijing 100195,China.
Post Cold: 100195
Tel: 010-88460009
E-mail: cachet@cachet.cn  xushuai72@sina.com
Website: www.jxxxkj.com



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